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Pine Valley test well drilling. Photo by Paul Monroe

  • In 2006, CICWCD filed for groundwater in the basins of Pine and Wah Wah Valleys (WR Area 14, & 69) for 15,000 and 12,000 AC/FT respectively. 
  • CICWCD also filed on 10,000 AC/FT in Hamlin Valley but has not acted on such applications because at the time there were interstate negotiations between Nevada and Utah. ​
  • 2012-2015 CICWCD contracted with the BLM, Division of Water Rights and USGS, to conduct a study on water sustainability in Pine and Wah Wah Valleys.  
  • May 2014, The State Engineer approved in favor of CICWCD 15,000 AC/FT from Pine and 6,525 AC/FT from Wah Wah​
  • February 2015, CICWCD began the environmental processes for water development in Pine Valley.
  • Corridor Map