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Board of Directors 

Brent Hunter - Chairman

Brent Hunter joined the CICWCD Board in 2005. Working in agriculture and irrigation his entire life has given him the knowledge needed to be a part of the board. He is beneficial to the board because he can inform others on the long-term trends of water use and the ever improving technologies of irrigation.

Board Member since summer 2005.
Lived in Iron County his entire life.
Background: Agricultural Business and Irrigation .

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southern Utah University.

Work: Farming and Livestock production.

Additional Information:
  • ​President of Northwest Field (Bulldog) Irrigation company
  • Board of Directors of Coal Creek Irrigations company
  • Board of Directors of State Bank of Southern Utah
  • Supervisor of Soil Conservation District
  • Director of Iron County Farm Bureau,formallythe Region Seven Director of the Utah Farm Bureau
  • Member of Agricultural Advisory Committee for SUU
  • Member of Master Singers

Rick Bonzo -Vice Chair

Rick Bonzo has been a member of the CICWCD Board since May of 2007. Prior to that time, he was involved with Enoch city, working closely with their water department. Rick feels that water is a critical issue that needs to be addressed at every level, both City and County for our community now and the future.

Board Member since May 2007
Born and raised in Cedar City
Currently resides in Enoch, Utah with his wife Wendy
Background: Served on Enoch City Council for 12 years; Enoch City Mayor for 2 years; Member of Utah National Guard for 35 years, served in Iraq for 18 months.

Education: Cedar City High School and Attended Southing Utah University; has completed many military courses.

Work: Albertsons Food Stores for 19 years, currently Meat Department Manager.​

Keith Williams

Keith Williams was appointed  to the CICWCD board in March 2011

Education: Graduated from Cedar High School in 1961.

Background: Retired from own business in Las Vegas and moved back to Kanarrville with his
wife Sharon. He and his wife have six children.

Work: Worked in the auto industry for a number of years including Lunt Motors in Cedar City.
The last 22 years owned and operated his own business until retirement. He is presently serving
as Mayor of Kanerraville.

Tim Watson

Tim Watson was appointed to the CICWCD board in May 2011

Education: BS Civil Engineering and Masters degree

Work: President of Watson Engineering Co. Cedar City

Paul Cozzens

Paul Cozzens was appointed to the CICWCD board in Jan 2011.

Background: Newly elected Cedar City Councilman,  President of the Happy Factory, District Chairman for Boy Scouts of America and planning commission.

John Black

John Black was appointed to the CICWCD board in Jan 2012.​

Spencer Jones

​Spencer Jones was appointed to the CICWCD board in June 2013.